Our company was started in 2017 by our founder, a medical doctor by profession, who we must say is very versatile in every sense of the word and decided to firmly pursue her deep love for stylish modern event designs and decors in addition to her medical career. 


CL started as a Luxury Event Candle Company supplying candles and glassware to event planners and designers. Longing to continue to connect with our clients beyond their weddings and special celebrations. Today, we have extended our passion as a company to creating flawlessly chic scented candles in stunning luxe vessels as stylish modern decor in addition to a fragrance line to complete the ambience of the homes and offices spaces of our beautiful clients. 


Classic but always with a modern point of view, every piece in our collection is created to make life more beautiful with a sense of ease and refinement. 


With an absolute passion for art, design, family and living beautifully, our mission is make every living space both tranquil and luxurious without having to spend a fortune.


Join us on this beautiful journey as we transport you to that memorable time and place with our amazing luxury scented candle collection. Welcome to the CL family! 

Locally Made 

Crescence Luxury Candles are made with a blend of organic soy and coconut wax, phthalate + paraben free fragrance oils and cotton wicks bringing you the cleanest burning candles on the market. 

Every candle is vegan and cruelty free and proudly made with love and locally hand poured in Calgary, Alberta. 


Reuse our vessels

Our vessels are purposefully designed so you can reuse them in which ever way you please after the candle wax is done. It’s totally easy to reuse! Simply wipe out the wax at the bottom of the vessel using a spoon to pry out the wick base and then wash out with soap and water and there you have it! A container to hold your jewellery, makeup brushes and even flowers as a beautiful centre piece to brighten up your  space. 

Take pictures and tag us so we can share the creativity of our clients and family our Instagram page. Waiting to hear from you. 


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